In 1935, Ze’ev Stybel established Stybel Ltd.- Flour Mills. This is a family-owned company situated in the Haifa Bay area of Israel. Mr. Baruch Turgeman is currently the managing director and CEO of the company. At present four generations are continuing the tradition of hard work and innovative thinking initiated by the founder of Stybel. This ethic has made Stybel Flour Mills the foremost provider of quality processed grain products.

At its inception, the company produced patented stone ground whole wheat flour known as Steinmetz patent flour. The company has continued to grow and develop, operating five flour mills and two grain storage facilities.

Stybel has never lost its emphasis on premium quality and top performing production. Stybel is obliged to support its customers with the highest attainable standard. These standards are maintained by a professional technical staff, who fulfill the requirements of the following standards: ISO 9002, BRC, HACCP, FSSC 22000, US FDA registration number 15588685600.

Kashrut: The laws of kashrut are adhered to meticulously at every stage of production. All products are approved Kosher and certified by the BADATZ HA’EDAH HA’HAREDIT JERUSALEM, Rabbi Lande and the Municipal Rabbinates.

We produce a wide variety of products: All Purpose Unbleached Bright Flour, Unbleached Bright High Gluten Flour, Bread Flour, Dark Wheat Flour, Soft Wheat Flour, Self-Raising Flour, Semolina, Whole meal Wheat Flour, Whole meal Rye Flour, Whole meal Spelt Flour, Pasta Flour, Pizza & Focaccia Flour, Braided Bread (Challah Bread) Flour and unique high quality packages of “Just add water” blends. Stybel utilizes advanced packaging materials and vacuum packing which have been approved by the BADATZ and local authorities. In addition, Stybel’s plant for natural baking improvers provide baking improvers for both home and commercial baking.

We seek to continue to develop flour products which are healthy and satisfy our customers’ needs. Moreover, we continue to build mutually beneficial business partnerships while sharing our values of personal and professional integrity, diligence and a fundamental desire to satisfy our customers.

Contact information:

Stybel Ltd.

15 Hashayish St.

POB 10100

Haifa Bay

Israel 26110



+972 4 8721090

+972 53 523 2293